Living Online

Living Online

The IC³ Global Standard 4 Certification is comprised of three individual examinations:
•  Computing Fundamentals
•  Key Applications
•  Living Online.

The Living Online examination covers skills for working in an Internet or networked environment and maximizing your communication, education, collaboration and social interaction in a safe and ethical way.


Communication Networks and the Internet.
Networks and the Internet turn computers into powerful tools for finding, sharing, and storing information around the globe. This domain helps you identify network fundamentals and the benefits and risks of network computing. This includes understanding that different networks transmit different types of data, the roles of clients and servers in a network, and the fundamental principles of security.
•  Identify network fundamentals and the benefits and risks of network computing

Electronic Communication and Collaboration.

Email, cell phones, blogs, teleconferencing, social networks, and other electronic communication tools connect billions of people instantly worldwide. This domain helps you identify various types of electronic communication and collaboration, how they work, and how to use them effectively. This includes and understanding of “the rules of the road” for online communication (e.g., “netiquette), and common problems associated with electronic communication (e.g., delivery failure, junk mail, fraud, viruses, etc.).
•  Identify different types of electronic communication/collaboration and how they work
•  Identify how to use an electronic mail application
•  Identify the appropriate use of different types of communication/ collaboration tools and the “rules of the road” regarding online communication (“netiquette”)

Using the Internet and the World Wide Web.

The Internet is not just for entertainment; it has become one of the principle ways of finding and sharing information, keeping up with friends, doing business, and even dealing with the government. This domain provides a thorough review and explanation of the Internet and some key, supporting components such as web sites and effective ways to search for and find information. Also learn how to evaluate the quality of information found on the Web, and identify responsible and ethical behaviors when creating or using online content.
•  Identity information about the Internet, the World Wide Web and Web sites and be able to use a Web browsing application
•  Understand how content is created, located and evaluated on the World Wide Web

The Impact of Computing and the Internet on Society.

Computers are becoming more and more important to every aspect of life, including work, school, government, home and social interaction. This domain identifies how computers are used in different areas of life, the risks of using computer hardware and software, and how to use computers and the Internet safely, ethically and legally.
•  Identify how computers are used in different areas of work, school and home
•  Identify the risks of using computer hardware and software and how to use computers and the Internet safely, ethically and legally