Key Applications

Key Applications

The IC³ Global Standard 4 Certification is comprised of three individual examinations:
• Computing Fundamentals
• Key Applications
• Living Online.
The Key Applications examination covers popular word processing, spreadsheet and presentation applications and the common features of
all applications to help you learn faster, work smarter, and present
yourself better.


Common Program Functions.
Today’s programs have many common functions to help you learn faster and get more out of them. This domain helps you understand those common functions as well as ways you can use various programs to accomplish common tasks. You’ll learn how to start and exit an application, modify interface elements, and utilize various sources of online help. You’ll also discover how to perform common functions for file-management, editing and formatting, and printing and outputting.
•  Be able to start and exit an application, identify and modify interface elements and utilize sources of online help
•  Perform common file-management functions
•  Perform common editing and formatting functions
•  Perform common printing/outputting functions

Word Processing Functions.
Modern word processors let you do more than create informative documents. They enable you to create live data, collaborate with others, and control access to your valuable information. This domain focuses on the elements of a well-organized document; formatting text and documents, and the ability to use word-processing tools to automate
processes such as document review, security and collaboration.
• Be able to format text and documents including the ability to use automatic formatting tools
•  Be able to use word-processing tools to automate processes such as document review, security and collaboration

Spreadsheet Features.
Today’s spreadsheets effectively capture, organize, and display data from  budgets to statistics to inventory and so on. They also include a wide array of formulas and functions that automatically calculate, sort, and
process information. This domain teaches you how to build and use a spreadsheet efficiently. Among other valuable skills, you’ll learn how to sort and manipulate data using formulas and functions, create simple but effective charts, and draw conclusions based on tabular data and charts.
•  Be able to modify worksheet data, structure and formatting
•  Be able to sort data, manipulate data using formulas and functions, and create simple charts

Communicating with Presentation Software.
In the past, presentation software was only used for large audiences. Now, laptops, inexpensive projectors, and Internet technology advances have made presentation software a staple of modern communication in the classroom and at work and around the world. In this domain, you’ll learn how to design, manage and modify presentations and identify different ways presentations are distributed.
•  Be able to create and format simple presentations